New TZ, smart comfort in a compact unit

  • Compact and elegant design with only 779mm wide
  • Simple installation, easy maintenance
  • Built-in WLAN for internet and voice control
  • Infrared Sky Controller
  • Cleaner air with PM2,5 filter
  • Super Quiet! Only 20dB(A)
  • More comfort with Aerowings 
  • High energy savings

New super-compact design

The new compact design of the indoor units have a width of just 779 mm. This allows for more installation possibilities, including the limiting space above a door. Meticulously designed for both installer and user benefit, installation time of the new TZ has been dramatically decreased. The inner workings of the unit have also been redesigned to make maintenance quicker and easier. Electronics and wiring components are now on just one side of the unit to simplify maintenance.

Built-in WLAN and compatible with Voice Assistant

Ready to connect the unit to internet to be controlled by smartphone with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App. Control, monitor, easy schedule with easy interface. By connecting Panasonic Comfort Cloud the unit can be managed by the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


Particulate matter (PM2,5) can be found suspended in the air, including dust, dirt, smoke and liquid droplets. The filter can catch PM2,5 particles including hazardous pollutants as well as house dust and pollen and it is able to maintain clean the air of the room.

Stylish infrared control

Enjoy innovative design at your fingertips with the new stylish and sleek Backlit Sky Controller. Bigger screen and easier to use.

Kr. 17.900,-

inkl. moms og varmepumpe montering samt el-installation.

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